Frauen helfen Frauen e.V. Düren
Gutenbergstr. 20
52349 Düren
Tel.: 02421/17355
Fax: 02421/201776

You are in an acute violencesituation:

Call immediately the emergency number of the police– 110! On the mobile phone 110 works without dialling code, even if the prepaid card is empty.

After calling 110:

  • Tell the police that you are threatened by domestic violence
  • Mention your name and the adress of your residence
  • Open the apartment door (as far as riskless possible)

After arrival of the police:

The police is able to expel the abuser from the apartment and can declare a prohibition to return for 10 days. You have the privilege to stay alone with your children in the flat. If you don't want to stay in the flat you can appeal to the Dürener Frauenhaus on the number: 02421 - 17355

You want to leave the domestic cohabilitation:

  • get help by confidential persons
  • Take always your children with you!
  • pack a breakdown kit with:
    • Money
    • Importent documents (Passports, the last three wages slips of your husband, SGB-II-bescheid, child benefit reply, health insurance cards)
    • Keys
    • Medication
    • Cuddly pets of your children
    • clothes for a few days       

The Frauenhaus Düren is reachable as safe housing by phone 02421 – 17355 day and night. The adress is because of safety reasons secret. You will be fetched on an agreed meeting place. If the Dürener Haus is full, you will get the phone number of free houses.

You want advice to the topic domestic violence, than adress yourself to:

  • Frauen helfen Frauen e.V. Düren, Tel.: 02421 – 17355 or
  • Frauen helfen Frauen e.V. Jülich, Tel.: 02461 – 58282  [ Link ]

On request a dragoman can be called in.

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